Riz/ Brooch/ Rice, brass

My work is inspired by my culture and the society I live in. I use rice grains that are often found in Asian diets in this series. The first piece is a video that expresses people’s dependence on a repetitive, cyclical life in a grotesque way. It’s an exaggerated, and humorous life story which proposes reflections on micro-life in a contradictory and ironic way. The girl in the video feels secure when the cycle begins again. Does it inspire people to ask questions about our existing lives?

The second part of this project is a bowl of rice brooch, which evokes the second question that extends after the video. When we wear these brooches in public, people notice them, ask questions. They think we have food on our shirts, perhaps, or maybe it strikes them as a bizarre piece of jewelry. We are forced into an interaction with others. Does this inspire people to question our social environment?