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He is a gift, brings us many surprises

He is a hammer, breaking all our ideal plans

The pacifier can be witnessed

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The pacifier was the first problem I encountered when I became a parent. I thought of everything beautifully and preset some rules, but after the baby was born, the rules were changed by reality.

The pacifier was like magic. It made the baby stop crying immediately. I was finally shaken and decided to use it.

For me, the pacifier is like a transitional product connecting the two worlds: the shield protects like the ”love” of the outside world, holding and keeping the feeling, and the sucked part is like a baby’s instinct, the childish longing for a sense of security. Two connected objects, fused together, extending into two different worlds, different angles, and different needs.

A Newborn is like blank paper. They need us to write their beginnings, and it is also a new beginning for me. How to learn from a daughter’s perspective and become a mother? In the process of time, we explore each other and gain pride. There is moving, there is self-blame, there is powerlessness.

Intimacy seems sweet and relaxed, but there are many barriers, giving and being given, blending and restraining, the beginning of a relationship that will never end…